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Cyber Mascot Adoption Center

whytemyst got their NeoPet at

If you haven't checked NeoPets out yet,
just click on my neopet, Maja above to
go there and sign up! It's completely
free and not only can you feed your pet,
take it to school, etc..there are tons of
games to play. It's an awesome site, go
see for yourself!!

Looking for a special critter to grace your homepage as your official mascot? You have come to the right place!! Unlike other Cyber Adoption Centers, we offer an array of critters to choose from!!

The adoption rooms are located below..I now have separate rooms for cats, dogs, bunnies, bears, horses, and other critters. Please go to the room you are most interested in.

All you have to do, is go to each room, choose which mascot you like best, then follow the steps to adopt your new critter!

and that's all you have to do!! Of course, you must have a homepage for your new mascot to reside at! You must link your mascot back to this page, so that others can adopt a mascot too!!

If you have any questions on adopting pets and the process, please click below. thanks.

Cyber Pet Netiquette

Are you a WebTV user? You will need to use the Transload Service to download/upload mascots. It's free and a great tool if you use WebTV!!

Just click on a door to enter the rooms!

Be sure to visit my Cyber Pets page!

The MousePad

CandyLand Cyber Adoption Links