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They may pretend to be ornery, but these guys are nothing but cute and cuddly bears who want to follow you home! If you like any of these crittersIf you like any of these critters, please read the following:
In order to adopt from the Cyber Mascot Adoption Center, you must agree to the following terms.

You must have a homepage to place your new critter on, and it must be linked back to my page. You can use the banner below if you would like. The correct link is http://whytemyst.bravepages.com/index.html

These mascots are NOT available for use in other adoption agencies! They are only use for you to adopt and place on your pages as YOUR pet.

You must take care of your pet and give him or her a loving home on your web page.

To adopt, place your cursor over the animal's picture and use the right click button. A menu should pop up, select "Save As" from this menu (or it might say save picture). Saving it to your desktop will make it much easier to find later. You will then need to upload the picture to your own homepage server (please no linking from here!) and place the HTML code on your pages for the critter to show up.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you see something you would like to take home with you!


"baby panda"

"baby polar bear"

"brown bear"

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